Q4 BM- Journal Entries

Overview- Everyday during English class there was a prompt or it said “free write” on the board. In these 15-20 minutes of class everyone was able to have a moment where they could write about anything they wanted whether it was something amazing or tragic. These 6 entries that will be showcased are the work that have been written on my part whether well done or poorly written. These entries just show my growth in general.

Journal 1- There has been moments throughout my life where there are things that were difficult to get. The struggle was to find in which manner would be best to go about pursuing what it was that was difficult to get

 This often happens to me and from personal experience, although it is difficult it is best to pursue it directly rather than indirectly. For ex. when my friends invite me to places and there is no doubt throughout my mind that the idea is amazing but the problem is asking. When I really want something though, there is no doubt in my mind that I will strive for that certain something until I get it.

Journal 2- To fit in isn’t much important from my personal perspective. Fitting in is bland, boring and the same old stuff. When being yourself there is room for you be who you are; unique, creative and most importantly you. Putting yourself in a position where you act like something you’re not, is mainly glib.

Journal 3-A time where I have felt where I could drop my racial, cultural, or gender identity is when people feel the need to judge me. They feel as though just because I look a certain way I’m expected to be “ghetto” or not be as educated as I have been so far. With that in mind, another time I wish that I could drop my culture is when I’m beyond hungry and my best friend asks me for some of when I’m eating.

 It picks a nerve because I want to say when people ask me for food but sometimes the words don’t come out and even if I say no I still give in and give her some. Its all because I can imagine my mother saying “Katherine no se le niega la comida a nadie”. In other words my mother is saying its not good to deny others food. I mean I’m not a greedy person, but when it comes to sharing and im starving that’s when it becomes a problem.

 When people look at me they automatically think I am of African American descent, but they thought wrong because I am not black I am Dominican and Puerto Rican. When people ask me what race I am proudly I can say “I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican”.

Journal 4- There hasn’t even been a moment in my life where there has been an impossible task. Although time get rough, in my mind there isn’t a situation that as a human that is impossible to surpass. Considering that the easy way out isn’t always the best thing to, so when doing things that are difficult it really helps to learn more. With this characteristics that end up defining myself are hardworking and determined.

Journal 5- Your environment shapes who you are and who you become because you usually are influenced by your experiences. This behavior can be influence people in a negative or positive manner. When seeing terrible things you can either flow with it or live above the influence. When seeing things on a daily basis, you can assume that it isn’t terrible if you haven’t had background information on the concept.

Journal 6- When encountering the word “nigger” there was a pause throughout the reading. It seemed to be insolent behavior on Rufus’ part (he’s from the book). In this time he is a child and his father was using this word as well as many other people in his surroundings. Therefore, from his perspective the word “nigger” was okay to say.

Rufus didn’t seem to understand the power behind the word “nigger” . He didn’t understand how much hatred, agony and hurt lies beneath it. Therefore, I wondered if Rufus ever encountered his father whipping the slaves and hear their brutal screams the way that Dana had to.