Q4 BM-Reflection

Reflection on the year-

As a 9th grade student, this portfolio says much about myself and expresses how my growth comes along as the time passes by. Throughout the year, there has been miraculous growth in the way that my pieces are written as well as their presentation. Coming into the 9th grade, it was difficult to even write a couple sentences that were well structured and were without the word “I” or used dead words such as “good” and “bad”.

When seeing my later pieces compared from the ones previously in the year, readers will be able to tell that my vocabulary has flourished to a great extent. It seems that the quality of my pieces have gotten greater and the challenges have followed. Knowing that in the beginning of the school year, in myself there was a scarce amount of hope when it came to my writing. As the months went on there is much strength that has been developed on my part.

Some strength that has been developed is my usage of vocabulary and the fact that it has become easier to form well-written paragraphs. Although, with these strengths have come many weaknesses. Struggling with not only time management and procrastination, but making sure that all the key elements for all the assignments is touched when it comes to analysis.

Stating analysis is certainly a skill that is important to be able to gain, and surely it is one thing that should be worked on in order for myself to be successful in my writing. In making this portfolio a main struggle was my “Macbeth” piece, since there were many dead words presented in my piece. As well as the fact that dead words were used I stumbled upon finding that there could have been more explanation throughout my writing.

Practicing my writing solved the issues that have been encountered and as the time went on it was easier to flow with what was incorrect because it took time to be accustomed to. For those reasons when looking back at the work from earlier in the year, there was such a change in the way things would have been said. For those reason my most proud piece was my “Me Magazine” because it reminded myself that as a person I will never loose sight of who I really am.