Q4 BM Spanish Refection

My project is a mini book that shows my past, present and future in my life.
This benchmark was very fun for me but in a way kind of hard. i had to remember everything I have leered over the year to incorporate it in. I liked it it because I remember when I was not able to even write a simple sentence in Spanish but this project helped me to realize what I have built on over the year. If I were to do it over i'm not too sure what I would do differently because I like they way I have it now.

My mini three page book. With three different sections, the past, present and the future. The past section tells about how I was,they things I liked and who was important to me. My pictures for that part are pictures of my younger years.
The present section tells about how I am now and the things I like. My pictures for the section present section are of my family and I. The future section doesn't have any pictures because I can't see the future. Last but not least I made it pretty. lol