Q4 Work — Zack Hersh

The first piece in the final quarter of art was a sketch at the Rodin Museum on the parkway. His sculptures were very interesting, but I was captivated by the intricacy in one of the gates and sketched some of that instead.

For the next project, I thought I would do another ceiling tile since it was a project I really enjoyed in the first quarter. I spent the next several classes brainstorming and doodling ideas. I experimented with pop culture I like, quotes, my own band (302b), and even my initials. I ended up not going through with the ceiling tile though because I felt like too much of the decisions would've been made on which colors of paint I could actually find.

For the next piece, I experimented with abstract art, which is something I did in middle school art class and enjoyed so decided to just mess around with it, and create a piece with shapes and colors without much planning and see how it turned out. I ended up not being satisfied at the end of two weeks and spent the remaining time adding more to it until it was finished. I really like the way it turned out and was a nice finale to a year of art class.