Qtr 3 Art Gallery - Shareef-Trudeau

The first piece that I created for quarter three was an advanced coloring sheet. This is a detailed coloring sheet that I colored in with the use of markers. The image I chose to color was a fox, created by by several plant parts. I tried to keep the colors sort of realistic, coloring leaves green and wheat a golden color.

The second piece that I created was a self-portrait in watercolor. Because I had previously completed a self-portrait in pencil that was as realistic as I could make it, I wanted to try something a little different this time. Watercolor is more of a transparent and fluid paint to work with and so I thought that this medium would work well in conveying light and heat. So when painting my self-portrait I used warm colors and focused more on the thermal aspect of the portrait rather than the realistic colors that you would see on my face.

The third piece that I drew was a vase. The round shape of the vase helped me to emphasize value in this drawing, because of how the light strikes circular objects. Beside the vase is a gradient scale, this was simply a practice at shading in different gradients.

The fourth piece that I created was a drawing of a hand. I made this by starting with basic shapes and using those to construct the general idea of the hand, this is displayed in the picture on the left. After I drew the basic shapes, I refined the drawing by rounding edges and connecting them in a more natural way, this is displayed in the picture on the right.

The fifth and final piece of this quarter that I created was a gazelle. Again I started this piece using basic shapes for the gazelle’s features and later smoothing them out and making the picture a little less rigid and more curved, as we often find things in nature. Still, I left the light outline marking on the picture to show how I got from a place of blocks and circles and triangles, to the finished picture.