Quarter #4 Artwork

    This will be my last artist statement at SLA. It has been a blast for the past to years in Art class. I’ve learned a lot during this class and I was able to continue of being awesome and creative. For this quarter I had four projects assigned to me. One was suppose to be something specific and the other three was anything I wanted to do. The first project was the Rodin Museum sketch. The whole class left school and took a walk down to this beautiful museum and we were suppose to find a spot of what we wanted to draw. I’ve decided to draw the statue that looks like the thinker that was sitting out front of the museum. I thought it was unique and it was the first thing that always drew my attention. My favorite part is drawing the whole figure and how it looks real. The place was shady and the coolest part about that statue was that it look super bright in the shade.

   Now for the rest of the quarter I was allowed to do anything I want. Even though the last projects have the same theme, which is graffiti, I wanted to stick to that because graffiti art is my favorite art in the world. Graffiti is super cool of how it has different fonts, brighter colors, and something bold to draw anyone’s attention. Each of my graffiti has different shape fonts, bright colors, and it is easily readable. I hope everyone likes the graffiti and the museum sketch. It has been a blast of doing art the past two years at SLA. I’m finally graduating and going off to college. Chatham University class of 2020.