Quarter 1 Artwork

In the first slide the character 2D from the music group Gorillaz has been recreated on a ceiling tile. The character is mostly silhouette except a few pieces of him which are cartoonish. The hardest part of this piece was blending the different shades of blue to make a gradient effect.

The second slide is a drawing of a woman drawn in pencil with color starting from a focal point and spreading over her face. I based the woman's face off of a picture that I found online, then I added in splashes of color using colored pencils.

In the third piece I used construction and tissue paper to make origami pumpkins. To emphasize that the pumpkins were in fact meant to be pumpkins I cut out a pumpkin shape on the surface of the origami pumpkins. When making the bats I cut out their silhouettes using black construction paper and hung them up with string to make it look as if they were really flying.

On the fourth slide is a self portrait. I made it very simple drawing very little detail. I wanted to get a very stripped down version of my face, devoid of details.