Quarter 1 Artwork

The first assignment of the quarter, the ceiling tile, was hard to begin. I didn’t know what I wanted to paint so eventually I decided to just paint branching lines. I enjoyed the process of painting the tile and I am pretty satisfied with the final product. Autumn is my favorite season so I enjoyed creating the Fall Wall hanging. One of the most defining aspects of the season is the change in the colors of leaves so I decided to make that the focus of my piece. I painted some pieces of paper red, orange, yellow, and green and then cut out the shapes of the leaves. I then pasted the leaves on to the background I created. I wanted my piece to convey the beauty of the fall and that nature can create some of the most beautiful works of art. The piece I found most difficult to create was the self portrait. I have never used charcoal before so I had a lot of trouble with the piece. After a couple of days working on the piece I enjoyed the process more. I don’t like the final product very much but I would like to continue working with charcoal and improve. My favorite project of the quarter was the fruit still life. Watercolor is my favorite medium so I enjoyed working on this project very much. I chose to paint an apple, orange, blackberry, and grapes as they have a nice variety of color. I tried using the fan brush for the first time and enjoyed using it very much. All in all, I experimented with a few different techniques this quarter and enjoyed the process.