Quarter 2 - Artist's Statement


The first piece that I created was a collage. When making my collage I went for a sort of surrealist feel. I experimented with shifting the focus, I wanted the woman to be the first thing that your eye was drawn to so I painted over almost everything else in the collage with pink acrylic paint so that it was a little less clear and didn’t pop out as much as the woman did.

The next piece that I drew was of the top of my bed from my perspective where I was sitting at the bottom of the bed. I was focusing mainly on the blankets on the bed and how the fabric laid and wrinkled and casted shadows.

Pieces three and four are photos playing with depth of field. I focused my camera on the trees that are taking up most of the pictures so that everything that was not the tree was unfocused. I put filters on the photos, so that one is black and white and kinda has a parchment paper feel. The filter I put on the second photo intensifies all of the colors so that the darks seem to cast a shadow over the photo, while the lights almost bleach it out.

The fifth and final piece that I made was an illustration of a poem I really enjoy. In my illustration of the poem I depicted the silhouette of a man with a nebula inside of him using watercolors. I tried to convey the feeling that we each have a universe of emotion inside of us because that is the sort of feeling that I got when reading the poem.