Quarter 2 Artwork

This quarter I explored different types of art and I learned more about myself as an artist. The work this quarter was challenging but also a lot of fun to do. I enjoyed learning more about photography and photo editing and I also really enjoyed making a collage for the first time in many years.

For my collage I wanted to convey a sense of calmness and serenity so I chose to do a collage of the sun setting over the ocean. When flipping through magazines to cut out some useful pieces for my collage I saw a picture of a sunset and it inspired me to do a collage of a sunset. My collage reminds me of all the times I’ve stayed at my grandmother’s house at the beach and seen the sun setting over the ocean. I really enjoyed creating the collage and it was my favorite assignment of the quarter.

The fabric drawing was very difficult for me because I’d never drawn fabric before. It was hard to capture all the wrinkles and folds in the fabric accurately and even harder to draw the shadows and lights. The fabric I was drawing wasn’t very visually appealing so it was hard to feel inspired.

I took a photo of one of the horses on the seesaw at the playground close to SLA. As a child I went to Greene Towne school, the preschool across the street from SLA, so I used to play in that playground a lot and I remember that the horses were my favorite part of the playground. I chose to use a filter that distorted the image to symbolize how childhood memories are often lost and become hazy.

The illustration was my second favorite project. I chose to illustrate “Stopping Through Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. I chose to illustrate that poem because I knew that there was going to be a blizzard the weekend after the illustration was due and I wanted to draw something snowy and wintry. I enjoyed drawing everything, especially the trees and the horse. I wanted my illustration to convey the beauty of nature and also convey a sense of wonder.