Quarter 2 Benchmark : Student Free Speech

By Markia & Elisa



Reflection :
My partner and I chose this topic because in the requirements aid that we had to talk about something that we felt relates to us. Since we go to a technology based school we decided to do something that had to do with censoring and student free speech. It was thoroughly enjoying to complete this project because I was able to learn about cases in the past. During a time when students didn't really have much of a say in anything.
Other than that my partner and I were really able to talk about and form our own opinions about our topic. One of the things we research that made me really think about the different ways students can express their free speech rights was the case of Tinker v. Des Moines. The entire case was the school district opposing black bands being worn in protest of the Vietnam war. I really wanted our project to make people think  about how student free speech has and has not changed since then. 
I think we did a good job of making people think afte they watched the video but some of the imagery in our project could have been better. For example, when we posted some of the things we as students have to deal with we should have had a visual behind the text of something related. Other than that I believe our product came out well my partner and I really collaborated to create our video, and personally I really think we did a good job.Our video was interesting and related students today with the first amendment. We learned ourselves about the fine line between what is seen as inappropriate and self expression.