This quarter has been pretty fun! Its started off rough because this time we had two art history's. But I understand why she did it like that. My favorite piece of art would be the mosaic piece. At first I thought that we would be using pieces of glass. But when we asked Mrs. Hull, she said we were using construction paper. For my mosaic piece, I did a purple octopus, because purple is my favorite color. This project brought back memories of when I used to do mosaic pieces in elementary school. My second favorite was the water color!. I absolutely love love love to water color. But what I didn't know was that there was different ways you could water color. I only thought who ever you get the paint on there is how it's done. To know that there are names for different techniques was pretty cool. For my water color pieces I did a combination of 4 pieces split into two. I got one whole piece of paper and split it in half. Next I taped the two half pieces in another half to create four different sections. I split it up like that because I did not want to do four big pieces.

My hardest piece of art is my wire sculpture. Honestly I do NOT know how people get this stuff to bend perfectly. I tried to do the easiest thing which I thought was to do my name. Then I realized my name has 8 letters, so the back up plan was to do my middle name. Which was semi successful, I manage to do 4 out of the 6 letters. I could not get the "a" and the "e" to cooperate. SO it say "Nish" instead of "Nishae". I wish the wire was a bit thicker so it would bend how I want it to bend. I'm excited for next quarter, learning about banks, and loans and how all that good stuffs works.