Quarter 3 Art Slideshow + Artist Statement

In the third quarter of Senior Art I dedicated a piece to my family with a thoughtful coat of arms, paid homage to two of my childhood favorite cartoons Danny Phantom and Tom & Jerry, took a risk painting a sunset from my imagination, transformed a water bottle to a rocket, and created wearable art through various mediums. I’ve spent time learning different apps and programs and finally felt comfortable enough to produce a few digital pieces. The golden ratio is the new concept I learned about this quarter, it serves as a purposeful addition to my catalog of perspectives. One thing I noticed about my process of making art is that I’m more open to change than I once was, I wanted to be less of a perfectionist so I took criticism and made changes I felt were appropriate. I willingly spent extra time outside of the studio to finalize multiple pieces although I’m not sure how well my dedication shows through my artwork. Some of my most important sources of inspiration would be my personal experiences, many of my ideas were based on impulse. I used things around me to influence my creations which I found to be helpful and something I’ll continue to do.