Quarter 3 Artwork

This quarter has been my favorite so far and I have enjoyed completing each assignment. I have learned a lot this quarter about the different components that go into making a realistic drawing such as value and basic shapes.

Adult coloring was very fun and relaxing. I had a lot of fun picking the colors I wanted to use. I tried to create variation in the shades. My favorite of the three was the coloring page with the sailboats. I enjoyed coloring in the water and the reflections in the water.

The self portrait was one of my favorite assignments of the quarter. Watercolor is my favorite medium so I enjoyed this project a lot. I didn’t try to make the portrait realistic. Instead I wanted the colors to all blend together and have a very simple face that was brightly colored. I used a lot of cool colors because I find those types of colors more visually appealing and soothing. I wanted my portrait to feel calm and serene.

The value assignment helped understand shadow and light a lot better. Before this assignment I hadn’t ever really thought about the shadows when I drew. This assignment helped me understand how important they are to creating lifelike and three dimensional drawings.

Basic shapes was probably the most educational and helpful of all the assignments this quarter. This assignment helped me understand shape and form better. Breaking up a complex form and turning it into simple shapes helped me understand perspective and complex shape a lot better. For this assignment I chose to draw a cat and I was better able to understand the biology and form of cats when I broke it up into the basic shapes.

Animal shapes was my favorite out of all of the assignments. I chose to draw a giraffe, which is my favorite animal. I tried to put a lot of detail in the giraffe’s spots and I am pretty pleased with the result. I didn’t add that much texture to the drawing and I didn’t add any color so if I redid it I would make sure to make the fur more visible and add color.