Quarter 3 Artwork

This quarter I had the opportunity to try a couple different mediums. I enjoyed experimenting with new forms of art and I am pretty satisfied with my final products. This quarter, for the last project especially, I started to further think about the meaning behind my choices while doing art and the importance of putting a lot of thought into every aspect.

I used india ink for the first time for the first assignment of the quarter. I enjoyed the initial experimenting and doing the studies. I didn’t enjoy doing such a large painting entirely with ink; I wasn’t able to control the ink very well. My final product feels unbalanced and I wish I spent more time adding details, especially to the left side of the painting. I like the way the tree turned out, especially the detailing on the trunk.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve done printmaking but I did learn a few new things about the medium this quarter. Similarly to the first project, I enjoyed the process of experimenting, especially with mixing colors. I am proud of the designs I made for my prints. I wish I experimented more with the colors. My prints weren’t very even; I had trouble spreading the ink evenly. I enjoyed the process of printing my designs even though I am not entirely satisfied with the final product.

My favorite project of the quarter was the sculpture. My sculpture is centered around the issue of testing cosmetics on animals. I wanted to show the harm that is being done for the sake of beauty so the main element of my project is a bunny covered in pictures cut from makeup ads. The bunny is chained to makeup and is muzzled by a miniature liberty bell. I enjoyed the process of putting the sculpture together and am happy with the final product.