Quarter 3 BM


I think that Odysseus and Max are very similar in the sense that they both take control in every situation. But at the same time, Max would rather die than let anyone in her flock be killed. Odysseus on the other hand is all about getting himself home safely and finishing his journey by himself.  Odysseus just wants to get through his challenges so that HE can get home to his wife and son. He doesn’t really care too much about the well being of his other shipmates who are just there for him, and trust him completely.


Max and Odysseus are fierce, strong, and confident leaders. They both are attacked with challenges and face them without fear. Both leaders are very strategic and unafraid of the frightful experiences they must face. Odysseus had to face the horridly beautiful Sirens which makes a point about how things never are what they seem. The Sirens are beautiful but awful creatures that if given the chance would kill any man they see. Odysseus barely escaped them. Max likewise has to get past the unknown sea creatures that have been formed by toxic waste in the depths of the oceans. The creatures lure them in with their mysterious shapes and sizes and leave them in awe, and almost destroy them. On the contrary though, Odysseus is lured in by the sirens’ beautiful voices, and Max and her flock are lured in by the mysterious sight of the unknown creatures in the sea.


              Max and Odysseus are both strong, confident leaders, but every leader has his/her flaws.  Max is impatient, and Odysseus is selfish. There are people constantly attacking and throwing challenges at both crews and they handle everything in similar ways. The only thing that isn’t similar about the crews is that max is selfless and does everything to protect the people she is with/that are backing her up. Whereas Odysseus just about lets all his men die and be killed by monsters he knew he couldn’t stand a chance against like Scylla. Odysseus is all about getting himself home safely and finishing his journey by himself while creating as much glory for himself along the way. Nevertheless Max is all about protecting her flock and trying NOT to draw attention to herself. There are people constantly attacking and throwing challenges at both crews and they handle everything in different ways, both portraying them in my mind as strong and confident leaders.

Another thing that is different about Max and Odysseus is that Max is a girl, and regardless of how tough she comes off as she still does have her breakdown moments where everything overwhelms her. Due to the fact that Odysseus is a good 30 years older than Max at the least, and the fact that he is a man I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to battling and staying strong and confident, it’s easier for him. Max has to leave her mother and her sister at home and take the flock of genetically mutated kids whom she cares very much for with her, and she worries about everyone of them every day. Odysseus hardly ever thinks about his men as people and sees them more as sidekicks who aren’t quite as important as anything else.


More than anything, I think Max and Odysseus have about as much in common as they don’t. By that I mean that they are very similar when it comes to their rough lifestyles, constantly traveling and not sure whom they can trust, and the tough challenges they have to live through. But at the same time, they are different because Odysseus is only thinking about himself and Max has a deeper bond where she is honest with the people that accompany her on her insane adventures and journjourneys.