Quarter 3 Portfolio

With a new quarter comes new challenges, and this quarter was full of new. The amount of mediums I consistently work with is typically limited to one, sketching. This quarter we went over many new mediums for me like wire sculptures, painting, and even mosaics. This variance was very effective in making me have to think of more creative ways to express the ideas I had for the project. The wire sculpture was probably the most difficult for me given my inability to understand how to accurately pose the figures. Other than that I feel all of the methods were done with very clean details and designs. Overall, I feel my work and understanding of these newer mediums were better understood after finishing this project.

My personal favorite part was the Coat of arms, it gave me a moment to look over family insignias. I knew my family had a Family Crest  which I used as the basis for my design, it was open in design and had small details that made it look clean. I wanted to replicate that feeling for anyone who saw my coat of arms. Of course, I added my own details, I feel the stripes added a bit of character.