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Throughout the year, we occasionally were assigned to write in our journals. Sometimes, we got the chance to write what ever we wanted, however, there were times when we had to answer questions that the teacher wrote down.


Journal entry #47

Do I like being a female? Of course!! I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, in being a female, comes a lot of challenges physically, mentally, and emotionally. From deciding what to wear everyday, to body parts changing, to mood swings…it’s just a lot. Sometimes it can be very painful and uncomfortable each month. Each female is different and they can either take the pain or just can’t. These are the times that I wish I was a boy just for the couple of days. For me, I have mood swings and don’t want to be bothered with anyone. Sometimes I get so sick that I don’t even come to school. Not only the physical changes that I as well as a lot of other females go through, but we also go through a lot of emotional changes. Personally, they can get in the way a lot because you would have feelings that later on you would think about it and then it would be stupid that you even thought about it.


I would like to be a boy and have the mentality of a boy for one day just so that I can see and experience how they function on a day to day basis. To me, it’s kind of difficult to understand them and know their ways; for example, how they think, what they do when a girl walks by, etc. I think that it would be cool, however, I wouldn’t want to go through this for a long time. I think being a girl is better than being a boy J


Journal Entry: December 16, 2010

I really never wanted to be apart of a group. For me, it was mostly me hanging out with the same group of people. Hanging out with that same group of people has made me realize that hanging out with the same people is not making myself available to other people. I always that when those group of people weren’t in school, I thought that I was alone and there was no one for me to talk too.


But I realized that if I continue to hang with the same people over and over, then I won’t ever make myself available now and later in the future. Now that I am older, I now go up to people and introduce myself and network. Im not really good at meeting new people because I can be very shy in the beginning. It sometimes feels awkward, but I make the best of it.


Journal Entry: February 2, 2011

To me, a hero is someone that you look up too as a person of integrity. That person might have done something nice or has helped someone out in hard times. A hero must be someone that you can look up too and count on for anything possible. That doesn’t mean to take advantage of them but use them for legitimate reasons. They also are people who have wisdom and can guide you threw the roughest times that you may encounter in your life.


Journal Entry: April 4, 2011

Some of the expectations that are put upon by others aren’t always the best. They could be sometimes be uncomfortable for me and I won’t want to accomplish those expectations. On the other hand, some of the expectations that make me “uncomfortable” is good for me to bring me out of y comfort zone and explore and experience different things. Some of the expectations that are put upon me are to continue to get good grades, and continue to do what I do. Also, they want me to be a leader and not so much a follower. Some expectations for myself are too also get good grades, be an example for others that are younger than me, and some times older people.