Quarter 4 Portfolio

Independent Reading

First Independent Reading

In the beginning of year, we were assigned to read a book and write a book review on it. The book that I choose was called “Blessings In Disguise” by ReShonda Tate Billinsley. Not only did we have to read the book, but we had to understand what was being read and how comprehend it.


The book that I read was called “Blessings In Disguise” written by ReShonda Tate Billingsley is the second, of an 8 part novel series listed in Essence Magazine as a #1 bestseller. The book is a continuation of the first book, “Nothing But Drama”, which is about four teenage girls – Camille, Angel, Jasmine, and Alexis – who experience difficulties, trials, and conflict as friends. ReShonda also wrote many other books such as: “My Brothers Keeper”, which she received the Gold Pen Award for Best New Author from the Black Writer’s Alliance.

             “Blessings In Disguise” centers around two of the four teens, Jasmine and Alexis, who find themselves dealing with the dysfunctions, chaos, and challenges in their families and personal lives. Jasmine is raised by a single parent, who is in search for her dad. Jasmine is sick and tired of always being the one trying to sustain her family together and always cleaning up after everyone, so she escapes from her home and tries to find her father to go and live with him. Alexis seems to have the “perfect life”, however, no one can see what’s she’s really going through as her parents are heading to file for divorce. Both of the girls are terribly tempted to do something substantial that they know will get them into a lot of trouble but instead do it anyway. My favorite character in the book is Jasmine because she goes through a lot as far as family and friends. She tries to find her way through life and is searching for someone to talk to that will understand her in a way that they would know where she is coming from. After the reader is finished with this book, I think they should learn to obey their parents and never to steal. Following these lessons will help them in their everyday lives.

I can relate to the story more on Jasmines side. Even though I don’t have any siblings and my parents aren’t divorced, I have felt like I have wanted to run away and try to live a life that I wasn’t living in the past. I have never done any of the things that Alexis and Jasmine has done but I can relate to how they felt.

I really like this book and I hope to read the rest of the books to see what will happen has far as their relationships and attitudes. Some of its strengths are that the author explains each of the characters in a way that the reader is able to understand. To me, this book doesn’t have any weaknesses. I can apprehend the book very well and know where each of the characters is coming from. There is nothing in the book that I will try and change.

I would defiantly recommend this book to other teenagers to read because it teaches them life lessons that they can carry out and take with them in their everyday lives. Readers will take pleasure in the captivating characters, emotional power, and the down to earth messages of this novel and the other books that follow.