Quarter Two Art

Throughout this quarter we have all been working with colored pencils and as a result I have improved my technique and come to enjoy the medium. We started with blind contour drawings which I found pretty difficult. It was probably my least favorite assignment of the quarter but I also realize that it was an important assignment. I wish I had practiced blind contour drawing a little more; my drawings aren’t very good. However, the process was useful and made me more aware when drawing a subject. The next assignment, colored pencil techniques, taught me three new techniques. I enjoyed this assignment very much and I am proud of the finished product. This assignment taught me how to add perspective and color gradation using color pencils. The last assignment that builded on technique was the color wheel assignment. This involved using three colored pencils to create a color wheel. This assignment taught me how to blend colored pencils and better create gradation in color. The circle itself is a little lopsided and some of the colors aren’t blended as well as I hoped but overall I am proud of my work.

Once we learned basic techniques we worked on a colored pencil portrait. I had trouble with layering colored pencils to create realistic and complex skin. I tried different combinations but most of the time the subject just looked sickly. I wish I had worked more on this and used more layers to build up the skin. My favorite assignment of the quarter was the colored pencil fruit basket. I chose to draw an apple, peach, cantaloupe slice, and pear sitting on a table. I spent a lot of time layering colors and creating smooth gradients. I also worked hard on the shadows and highlights and tried to make the fruit look as realistic and three dimensional as I could. I am very proud of the final product and I especially love the color gradient in the pear. Through this assignment I learned how much I enjoyed blending colored pencils.

The next assignment, colorizing blind contour drawings, I also enjoyed. I drew two faces which are the ones I am most proud of and a couple other objects. I enjoyed using a variety of bright colors and blending them together to make the drawings very vivid and colorful. The last assignment was a four hour choice drawing. I drew a cat which I colored in with bright patches of color. The cat is thinking of the things it wants which include toys and food. I enjoyed creating a blue and purple gradient for the thought bubbles. Overall, this quarter I came to really love using colored pencils and created a few pieces that I am proud of.