Quater 2 Senior Art (Jordan Meriwether)

Through my current work I wanted to begin stretching the limitation on what I could do for a project. I did not do the different checkpoints of this project as they were conventionally described. My first creation was to be a fern, the directions were very open. I decided instead of doing an average fern I wanted to do a particular form of a fern. I looked over many pictures and  found that ferns uncurl as they develop. I intern, decided to create a fern while it was uncurling. For my next project I was told to do a golden ratio collage. I interpreted the word collage in a different way that normal. Most people would just add special materials and pictures from magazines. Google defines a collage as “a combination or collection of various things”,  decided to do that through imagery. I gave the golden ratio a collection of many things: a lizard, a man, a pencil, and even a flower. From there I had a final project which was broken into multiple parts. First, I needed to create a sketch for something that would fit on a tile, it was supposed to be organic. In the end of my sketches did not interest me, so for the next section I drew something new. We were supposed to make a negative space drawing to eventually be turned into a block print. I chose to make a sketch showing a heart surrounding a plant, it represent my love towards nature. With the final block print I decided to do something tedious and difficult. I made two block prints, they both were negatives of each other, and wanted to get them both printed on the same paper to get a multicolored print. It took a minute, but in the end I was able to a multiple colored print that looked very nice. Overall, this project helped me experiment on how I could attempt to interpret projects more creatively. I will take this with me and use it to create more intriguing works.