Que hora es/son? how to tell time in spanish

Lesson number two: how to ask and tell time in Spanish.

First you have to know the numbers in Spanish up to one hundred. To ask the time in Spanish you would say ¿Qué hora es/son? Which of couse mean what time is it. If the time is 1:00 you would say es la una. Now if it is 2 o clock, 3 o clock, 4 o clock, ect. You would say son las dos, son la tres, son las cuatro, etc. If the time end in 30 you would say medra. So if the time is 3:30 you would say son las tres y medra. if the

Time end in 15 you would say cuarto. If the time is 2:15 you would say son las dos Y cuarto.if the time ends in 45 you would say cuarto but u use it different . so if the time is 4:45 you would say son las cinco menos cuarto. If the time is ending in 46-59 you would say son las _______ menos ______. So for example if the time was 1:55 you would say son las dos menos cinco. A hint to help you would be when say menos think of minus.

:15 Cuarto

:30 Medra

:45 Menos cuarto

:50 Menos diez

¿Que hora es/son What time is it.


7:00 Son las siete

4:55 Son las cinco menos cinco

2:30 Son las dos y medra

2:15 Son las dos y cuarto

1:00 Son es una

10:45 Son las once menos cuarto

10:52 Son las once menos ocho

10:59 Son las once menos uno