Quinayah's Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to visualize myself creating my own school. Not just an ordinary school but a school that specifically focused on mental health. I want to make my school a place of learning but also learn the importance of life and what’s ahead of it. Mental health plays a big role in people in general, don’t matter what age you are but adolescents struggle with it the most. Some schools only care about the importance of attendance and the grade more than the understanding or how you feel. School plays a big role in your life as well but sometimes you need to put yourself first. I didn’t just search up schools that have that, I searched up different proposals due to the simple fact that every school is different. All of the sources I used definitely answer all the questions about how much will it cost, why it’s important, and where will it be located. They talked about every grade and age especially young teens and young adults because once you get into high school it’s a different environment, and different work depending on where you go. As we know depending on what district you are in it is very important to follow the rules as how many days we have off, the early dismissals, time that school starts and ends. The funding is very much important because without funds the school will definitely fail or eventually get shut down if we aren’t doing our jobs as a founder, principal, or anybody with a higher position.

my capstone



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