Racial Discrimination: My A.O.C.

For my first two tasks for my Agent Of Change project, I had to research about Racial Discrimination, Ethnic Inequality, and etc. for my first post that i had posted,  I had talked about how we could change Racial Discrimination, and Ethnic Inequality, or try to. After interviewing my Mother, and my grandparents, I realized that Racism was a serious issue. Racism is constantly unexcused because of people not wanting to sometimes deal with the truth. In my second post, I was able to explain and go deeper Into the subject of Racism, and talk about sensitive topics. In order to justify something that's wrong, we need to talk about the sensitives first. 

My website, "Stop Discrimination Against Our Nation:" https://ksdavis21.wixsite.com/stopracism
I decided to make a change by making a website, because I feel as though that the message can be expressed visually instead of just being told. this took me a long time to make, because I had a lot of other things to do, but I also had to gather research and support for my agent of change. reflecting on my A.O.C. now, I till think about everything that I did. I wish I could've done more, and I feel as though next time I can do something bigger than making a website. 

My Essay, "What My Color Tells Me:"

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