Raz Reed: Final Perspective Drawing

A. What is one thing you learned, specifically something you did not know before?

I learned that to make something look really 3D, you have to have it conform to a vanishing point. You can't just make a loose guess with eyesight.

B. How did learning this make your drawing better?

Learning this made me realize that you could only see certain sides of some objects depending on where they are in the room. This makes it much more lifelike.

C. If you could do this assignment again, what would you do differently?

I would probably try to complete it a bit faster, and get going on coloring the drawing sooner than I did.

D. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one-point perspective drawing before?

I would say to absolutely make sure that everything you draw conforms to the vanishing point, make it the right side, and don't be afraid to redo some things. It may (and probably won't) turn out right on your first attempt.

E. What resource helped you most and why?

I think the slideshow we saw at the beginning of the unit explaining perspective and vanishing points helped me the most. It provided some very basic rules that helped me draw.

20130418_120258 (1)
20130418_120258 (1)