Reaction Jordan Meriwether

This relates to the real world through how architect work when building a building. They do the exact thing we did except the opposite direction. They first have a drawing of the build and how they want to scale it, then they build the building. They make it to the scale the predicted. Also if someone wants to add a new window to  wall then they have to find the area of a wall and the window and subtract them to find  how much space it takes up. My  grand father once worked in this type of business which is how I know about it so well.

It was exciting to leave the classroom for math, and also do this in a real situation. At my old school we never left the school for anything It  was like a prison for us. So I was shocked that we actually could leave the school and work. Also I am not used to going on to google maps, let alone suggest things to them. Normally I never even use maps because I know where to go in philly so that was something new to try. This has been an interesting and new type of experience to me.

What I learned from completing this project is how to measure building with just a mirror and a  measuring stick. I was also surprised at how simple it was just to do it. This will be a skill I can use maybe in a future career. I also learned how to work with people who may not be as productive as myself, that will be a special skill for future projects. I also learned that even if you are wrong you can fix your mistakes to make everything workout.