Really people...

Alright, well this time i did reasearh on why exactly are young adults dropping out of school. There are many reasons why such as teen pregnancy, students not putting in enough effort or students just giving up. But according to many different graphs, the order based by race is always in the same order no matter what. For an example, in the graph below, 93.3% of white students graduated school and continued their studies in college and then got their bachelor's degree. As for black students, their is a 87% percentile that they graduate high school and continue their studies in college. Lastly with a percentile of 63.2% are the hispanics. 

Now, as i mention before, the reason why whites are always in first is because well they take their future very very seriously or because they are forced by their parents to do good in school. So, for that they always study hard and really don't play around with their life. Now, as for blacks and hispanics, the majority of us just go to school to hang out with friends and start truble. But no all of us are like that. There could be reasons why we do so poorly like family problems or because we just don't understand the work that is given to us. But, i think that if teachers and parents help their children pay more attention in school and actually pay mind to them then maybe just maybe Blacks and Hispanics can be on the number one spot instead of the whites. 

So, basically what im trying to say is that if teens just take their life more seriously then just play around all the time then maybe they can make their race look good instead of making every other person of the same race look bad and that their not smart because there are some teens that are very very smart but they can show off because when people look at graphs like the one below they think that there is no point in wasting their time to check every other black or latino child. So, people, please don't make your race look like a joke...