Reasons Beyond Advertising

Justin Mack
English 3
May 1, 2017

Reasons beyond advertising

When someone is on the highway, or is walking home, they pass by a large rectangular board standing highly, easily visible. These are billboards with advertisements for a company, for the purpose of getting a message across to people. Some people ignore it and some actually pay attention to it. Billboards are important because the advertisements that are displayed are to impact the people that pay attention to them.

In Philadelphia, there was a protest about the SRC not paying teachers enough. Protest broke out and through all of it, nothing changed. According to CBS news, a teacher from Central High School, George Bezanis, raised $5000 to put up a crowdfunded billboard up on I-95. The billboard says, “Welcome to Philadelphia, where we don’t value our public schoolchildren. 5+ years without a raise for our teachers.” This went up to show awareness to the parents of students as well as the School District of Philadelphia, and to show that teachers were not getting paid enough to teach students. This would lead more parents, students, and others to help protest.

In Utah, two brothers raised $12000 to post a billboard to attack Jason Chaffetz to do his job. Jason Chaffetz is a US representative for the state of Utah. What he wasn’t doing, was investigating the Trump-Russia connection. The people of Utah weren’t happy about this which caused them to put up many messages on billboards all around Chaffetz local headquarters. From the power provided by the people, they were in hope that a change would occur. The brothers are gathering more people to help along with them. Although no changed has happened so far, the brothers are continuing to put up billboards until a change happens.

According to Yale Daily News, students from a class at Yale, has a project to create a quote that would send a message. During the period of this project, Trump had released his immigration ban against Muslims. Throughout the many quotes created by the many students, they all thought to create a new quote of the feelings they were brought upon the ban. “Hate Does Not Make Great.” This was the quote created by these students. To spread the feelings brought by these students, they effortly reached out to a billboard company to put it up out 15 minutes away from Yale’s campus on I-95. This was outside of the project’s requirements, but to spread a message against a big issue in America made people feel aware.

Billboards are essential to the cities that they’re located in. People need to be aware of the how billboards attract them so that people can get messages across so that a change in the city can happen. There are also regular company advertisements, but they get their message across to expand in the city. Overall, billboards easily get messages across to people and it can cause a change in  many people.

Over the many months writing 2fers, this is possibly my best 2fer ever written. This 2fer is my best one due to the fact that this is showing something that people see everyday. Billboards are something people see everyday and it can have a message to make someone smile. All the resources i gathered was a situation in a city that was people who was putting up billboards for a message, rather than the companies that are trying to pull in more customers.Although this isn’t my favorite topic to write about, it gives others to acknowledge what people provide to the city.

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