6 patatoes
1/2 a butter stick
1/4 a cup of milk
1 teaspoon of salt

       The potatoes are natural since they are vegetables. That actually is not processed, and it they are healthy due to being a vegetable. Butter is pretty processed. It has a a ton of fat and salt in them and it's not all added naturally. The dairy part is may be non-processed, but everything else is processed. The milk is dairy or almond, but even so, there has to be a process to add that vanilla flavor. The salt is natural, however. Salt is not nutritious, as it is full of sodium. The milk is not that unhealthy, as they are not filled with sweet ingredients.

       The difference between farm milk and store milk that is processed is that nothing is added. The milk can't become less nutritious in a farm since it is completely natural, and not tampered with in any way. And th