Recipe yamean

Beans - In General*


- Beans: 1 - alotta

- Seasoning: Old Bay, Paprika, Chilli, Taco

- Vegetable: Onions, Carrots, corn

Serve with tortilla product

* My family often eats beans, it's a core meal component to our simple living. The recipe is VERY loose, just make the beans. 

processed vs. whole food?: Basically this whole meal is whole food, it's all whole raw ingredients. The beans might be proceed is some way through cleaning and the spices (the mixed ones) are mixed spices so they are processed. 90+ percent is whole food.

Health/nutrition:  Cook beans are 200-250 a cooked cup, they are a complex carbohydrate base with natural protein as well. Virtually no fat or sugar in the dish. The protein is slow digesting and the bean have a good amount of fiber. This combines to give the effect of sustained energy and nutrition. They are a great fuel source! Shout out to the beans!

Political/economic:  Beans are a major food source across the world. The US diet has less beans, but we should have more because they are a nutritious whole food. They are very cheap and can be bought in bulk. A lot of them are imported but they still are cheap and the industry is based outside of the US.