Reconstruction Era Visuals Project

Artist's Statement:
My poster is about important African-Americans during the Reconstruction era.. This poster is about what each people did while they ran office and what they wanted to changed. For example, some people wanted to end slavery and how they can make people treat each other differently. In this poster it talks about 4 important African-Americas that wanted to make a change. The poster tells us what each person did in their past. I was amazed how some went to school and got education, and some people didn't. In this poster it talks about the how each person tired to fix the problem that was happening during the era. For example, Robert Delarge he wanted education for people who doesn't get education. Another person I researched about was Hiram Revels, he wanted everyone to be treated equally. In the poster, it's mainly about what each candidate did. I felt like a poster was a great idea because it gives the audience a better understanding of each person. In this poster, it shows