Reconstruction Era Visuals Project (Tamir Harper)

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The Life Of Reconstruction Newsletter is a new once in a lifetime newspaper. You may only see this type of newspaper once and a lifetime. While you're reading this newspaper made by Tamir Harper set 1871 you will notice small and accurate details. After you're done reading my personal paper you will be able to understand many things. Such as the reason I decided to write this newspaper, why it matters, and I’m going to throw in some

Many people wonder why I decided to discuss the name change of Blacks. But I believe this is an important topic for all races to understand the change of name over time. In the newspaper I decided to pick a total of four years and decided to look at one speech from an important figure of that time. As I set there and read the many different speeches I was shocked by the names of the time. The speeches looked as though we were improving and then Joseph Rainey decided to use all three of the names in different contexts. So as you were reading you may have been shocked as well and learned that time comes with change but there can always be a relapse.

Why does this matter? I think this matter due to the fact that the change of names is extremely important. As we are going through this tough time in the world with equal rights and police brutality. I think that every Black person should know the names they were called once before there time.  

As you read and look over the newspaper you may not see every detail. One, thing that every person may not see or understand is the photo with the three words used to address Blacks. That photo was a collage of photos of the different words over different time periods. The details is also different. Instead of picking a person that everyone knew during that time zone I attempted to pull quotes and details that people don’t know much about. To allow people to learn and research.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -Barack Obama

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