Reconstruction Era Visuals Project (Wes Midgett)

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For my concept map I kept a consistent color scheme throughout the entire Piktochart. I used multiple colors that served as different labels. For instance, on each of my maps there are two-three different colors that mark the states where interracial marriage was legal or illegal in that time period. Below all of my concept maps I put a paragraph explaining what was going on during that time. As you can see, all of my fonts and text sizes are the same throughout the project and so are the placings of every map and paragraph or title. In my project there is a lot of information on how people felt at that time and who suffered the most.

On every page of my concept map there is a different map that shows which states legalized interracial marriage. In all of my many sources I found the same evidence showing the progression of anti-miscegenation in the U.S. I found all of this information so interesting, I mean why did they prohibit people from getting married? In this information I found that all of the southern states have always been against interracial couples. I really want to know why the South has always been so discriminatory and prejudice. Also, where did all of these ideas of anti-miscegenation come from? I know that the U.S. has always been extremely racist, but I don’t understand how love has anything to do with race. Anyway, I still have a lot of question about the Reconstruction era, but I hope that my project is very informative.

Source for my Source Analysis