Reconstruction of a Memory- Brendan Hall

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Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 7.56.24 PM

I tried to escape from a house to find a home. I kept looking over my shoulder the paranoia was getting to me, suddenly I heard a voice.

“Did you think you could hide forever?” I didn’t but it was worth was a shot.

“I’m your dad and you have to listen to what I tell ya. That’s the way it is. I don’t want you to be a loser like you loser mom’s side of the family. You’re a Jones not a Williams,” The same speech I heard dozens of times before. Of all the places he could be, he was here and found me, just my luck. I do the other thing I’ve ever done my whole life, run. I run because I refuse to be controlled. I refuse to allow someone to be antagonized their whole and put up with it, only to have their abuser wear the victim’s mask. I refuse to allow someone to lie about their former spouse having affair in order to manipulate their family. I refuse to be a Jones.

“Get back here!” he yelled when about ten feet back when I initially bursted into sprint. There’s no turning back. I ran until I didn’t see him anymore, and I kept running after that. I could never be sure I wasn’t just running away from family mistreatment anymore. I was running from the slight part of me that resembles him. I’m running from the man I’m afraid I’ll become. I’m running from the future I fear more than anything. I’m running from a man that’s been running from himself.

“You thought you could outrun me?” He came out of nowhere The anger in his face was enough to start a war itself. He cocked his arm all the way back and right before I’m hit that’s when I awake.

This reoccurring nightmare happened again. Even when he can’t control me I allowed myself to be scarred by him. Although this moment happened years ago I’m only able to remember it on a good day and on a bad day I relive it.

My reconstruction of a memory came from the style of Atwood and the content of Kesey. Atwood’s usage of figurative language influenced me to write phrases such as “I’m running from a man who’s running from himself”. While Chief’s flashback to his family life influenced me to write about the topic I chose. The hallucinations throughout One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest also made me want to have a nightmare to show subscious thoughts.

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Daniele Fiorenza (Student 2019)
Daniele Fiorenza

Even if I don't know if your intent was to let the reader identify his-self as part of the scene, my imagination while reading made me be part of the scene, I could clearly see the dad and the son arguing. I really liked the part when the reader discovers that it's a nightmare and I liked reading this story.

Sean Johnson (Student 2019)
Sean Johnson

This shit hit me bruh, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. I was hurt by my dad too. I feel like that relatable topic made this stick out to me. I feel sullen right now but that's what good literature makes you do. Feel.