Reconstruction of memory - Dani Fiorenza

It started in July. Last day of Hashomer Hatzair (Jewish movement) summer camp we were together, lying in the sleeping bag, on the grass. I wish I could come back to that night. Even if we were best friends I knew I was attracted by her, maybe not that much at first.
10 days later we had another trip. We were like boyfriend and girlfriend. For those 6 days I was the happiest person in the world, I love travelling and I was abroad, with many of my best friends and with the person I used to love. I savored every moment. When I got home, it felt like I had barely been gone came pretty fast, maybe because I loved being with her and my friends of course, the time flew. We were on the plane and we were enjoying spending our last moments together, without thinking what could have happened in the future, I was leaving to US for a year, and we weren’t worried about that. In that moment I thought that this relationship was going to last long time. When the moment to say goodbye came we wanted kiss for the last time but our parents were waiting for us. We hugged but we knew it wasn’t enough so before I left I ran back saying “I forgot to say goodbye to a person”. I saw her in the eyes, I kissed her and I said “I love you” which was a “big” word for a teenager but I thought about it a lot before saying it. I’ll never forget that moment, all the people around us didn’t exist anymore, it was just Us. I wish it was endless and I would love to go back in time. She gave me her favorite ring and I give her my favorite sweater. I started wearing it everyday, no matter what. Even if we were far away the ring symbolized me that she was always with me.
I never had this kind of feelings for a person and even if I’m a teenager I would say that I was in love with her. “You are too young to say that you love someone”, this is the classic example imposed by society but if I’m too young to love someone how would you describe the feeling that there’s no other girl in your mind? How would you describe the feeling that she is the best you could have? They were strong feelings which I never had for anyone else and it was the first time I said the words “I love you” with total honesty. There will be other love stories, probably this is my first one and maybe I’ll remember it for the rest of my life, time will tell. 

Author’s Note
This written production was inspired by a true story without modifications so basically the whole truth. This was only one part of the relationship that I have with her. Before dating we were best friends and seen the distance she couldn’t be in a relationship with me anymore so we broke up 2 months ago. I was feeling very bad, the time helped me but I wasn’t and I’m not mad at her, we are now starting recover the friendship we had before.

Comments (2)

Amaris Ortiz (Student 2019)
Amaris Ortiz

I think that the piece succeeded in showing the time difference. It's like you're reflecting on your past and the descriptive wording shows how much you took in at that moment. One thing I am wondering is if the moment was dramatized to help the audience connect to your emotions better.

Ariana Flores (Student 2019)
Ariana Flores

I could really feel the emotion in your words. The way you portrayed the scene of the character going back to say goodbye to the girl reminded me of Alexander Chee's advice about how aesthetics should not be prioritized over meaning. That scene is a perfect example because the meaning ws certainly there and it was genuine.