Recycling Project

When starting this project I didn’t have a set idea on what I wanted to do. I never had a solid idea on how I wanted to make a project out of recycled material. At first I thought, wow a project made of recycled material this is a good idea. But I didn’t want to add none recycled material to it, I wanted to be made out of all recycled material. After thinking about a few ideas and sketching some ideas out I started coming up with some projects. I didn’t want the projects of projects just to do. I wanted them to be connected to me or relate to me somehow. What I had decided to do was paint over used cardboard boxes and cut and past letters and words from recycled magazines. After cutting out the letters and words I planned on making a poem about our environment and how recycling is a good idea. At first I didn’t have a poem on how to write it so I found a recycling poem that a 4th grader had made, cited it and used it as part of my project. The world’s greatest artwork wasn’t finished in a day, and neither was mine. But I plan to finish the poem idea and place it on the school wall so that every one can see it.

Another idea I had was similar to the artist we saw at the exhibit. Her name was Aurora Robson. She took her nightmares and made them into her own creations. She took plastic caps, bottles, and string. She cut them and made them look like jellyfish and flowers hanging from the ceiling. My idea was to make the bottle caps and bottles into a collected of flowers. In my head I thought of paining them a light color so the glossy effect from the bottle still showed. I just started this project a few weeks ago and it’s taking me some time to do this project. I hope to also complete this project for the second quarter benchmark as well.

These projects that we are doing is tying into a quote that we are all probably know. Someone else’s trash is another person treasure. The students of advanced art took this quote into consideration without even realizing it. We’re helping our community and giving the thrash/ recycled material a voice. A voice that hopefully will be heard.

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 11.00.36 AM
Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 11.00.36 AM