Reflection: Q2 Benchmark




            Choosing the items in my 12 identified laws, cases and offices was such a strenuous process. When first introduced to this assignment, I didn’t think as much thought and researching would be needed to complete the project. After researching just about all there is to know about the executive, legislative and judicial branches, I eventually came across some items that spoke directly to me. One court case that spoke directly to my life was the West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette case. Being raised with different religious views as most of my classmates, I was always looked upon awkwardly when refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. My friends never really understood why I didn’t say it, and to tell you the truth, I was never 100 sure why I didn’t say it. I just knew I respected my mother’s wishes. Because of this law, I am not forced to go against my religion by reciting the pledge of allegiance. The overall process of finding which items to include allowed me to learn more about the government, in depth, and really put into perspective which laws, cases and offices pertained to my life.


The difficulties with this project came with the research. I would have never guessed finding court cases relating to me would be as strenuous as it was. When I thought I’d found a case, it didn’t directly relate to my life. There were always things I could relate to as oppose to me relating to them currently. The less difficult aspect of this process was finding things that negatively affected my life. I found that when speaking of the negatives, everything I felt came easier to me making it easier for me to write and express myself.


As I mature and become older with age,, I would anticipate my life being more affected by the government. Since there are so many restraints set for children under the age of 18, as I pass the ages at which limitations are set, I will be more likely to part take in government activities. With age comes opportunity. The opportunities presented to me, the more likely it is for me to take advantage of those opportunities. This process has taught me so much about the world around me I hadn’t before known. Forced to research all aspects of the three branches of government, I now have a broader understanding of how I, as well as the world around me, is governed.  I understand that laws are set forth for the welfare of this country, and that all three branches do whatever in its power to protect that.