Laura De Jesus

            Me, well as a ninth grade I feel as though I changed a lot throughout the year. My previous work is a sow case of how much progress I went through.  When I first entered Mrs. Dunn’s class I couldn’t tell the difference between compound and complex sentences, now it comes naturally. My form of writing has changed a lot, due to the help from the teachers and students in Mrs. Dunn’s English 1 Class.


            My main strengths in English are that I can speak my mind through my writing and not be afraid to express myself. Also, my vocabulary it has become much better and to the standards of a ninth grader. My weaknesses are that I have trouble making sense when I write paragraphs and stories. It’s hard for me to remember what I typed and how I typed it. But it’s getting better it should be better as we speak. I would love to get better at my parts of speech.


            My experiences on working on this portfolio were hard, and fun at the same time. Finding all my work and editing it was the hardest part because I don’t like to look back and edit. Also, the uploading it, it took a while but I got it to work on the second try. I had a decent time going back through all my work; it reminded me of all the work I did in the beginning and how much I changed.


            My favorite piece in my portfolio is my Me Magazine, because that was my first project that I actually cared about and took time to do. It brought back memories of the eighth grade. And how much fun I had.