• What surprised you most about this information?  What seemed quite obvious about explaining this data set? 

  • Looking at the overall trend and incorporating what you know about the US presently, predict and defend the immigration trend for the next two decades.
    2001-2010 it wouldnt go up alot because of the immigration problem bush was having and then 2011-2020 wouldnt go up as much because of the money issues we were having 

  • Describe how you made a decision on how to visually represent the information.
    well we made our frist decision after much discussion. alot of things had to be compromised since then due to technical difficulty.  

  • What parts of group work were challenging?
    communication which im horrible it was hard to get things done because i didn't communicate what i needed to the rest of the group. i need to ask better questions to the group and be a better team member

  • What would you do differently if you had this project to do over?
    i would do more i would try harder to learn how to properly use the technology available to me and spend more time at home on this then i did or comunicate want i needed done so my group could help me