This project relates to the real world because it helps us use different methods to solve a problem. Now when I walk past buildings I tell my friend I could measure it with out actually measuring it.this also helps because of our future. Depending on what kind of job you have.Some jobs might require measurements of buildings like google earth.When you have short cuts in life it helps you out lot.What else i got out of it was that if you where to ever get floors added on to your house like i want to i know how to calculate what I want the height to look like or to check to see if I'm not paying for more then what i paid for.

I think the most exciting part was doing the verifications because when it would come close to the number I calculated I got so happy and smart.I love doing things that challenge me because it makes me feel accomplished even if i didn’t get it right,and when we got to sit down as a group and help each other out it was such great collaboration. The least exciting part was when we actually had to go out and take measurements because it was kind of cold.Also because we had to stand out side and do our whole groups measurements one by one.

From this project I learned that sometimes you will not get an exact answer but as long as you have some evidence that you are close you are accurate.also I learned that you may have just some mis communication within your groups and might stress each other out a lot but yelling and demanding does not work if you just talk calmly and with pertinence and things will get done more effectively.lastly, I learned that I am very good at the mirror method and proportions.