I wanted to know if pharmaceuticals still works.

I googled away into many sites including health organizations for the public safety and put sites on my SFP doc for reminders and also gathered historical evidence about herbal medicine.

Joseff helped me the most with peer editing and changing what needed to be changed in the slides and doc which helped me a lot when I was presenting because I knew what to say thanks to Joseff and my other peers, Teige, and Gamal Sherif.

I practiced my slides and knew what to say since I made this my project which helped my know what to say and did it without showing any weak sides of embarrassment.

I am unsure what I would do differently, but one thing I could change is adding the procedure so people would know how I got my results.

I would upload my slideshow for anyone to study what I did to know my strategy on how well I did my work for others to know but I can't, so I made a PDF which is a slpoppy way of showing no cool speicl animation or staged ideas. But it is what it is and I am sorry about that.
(Also start using Keynote, and not google presentation!)
SFP 5-9-14