Throughout the year, there have been a majority of projects. However, one in particular really stood out to me. In the beginning of the year, I started focusing a lot more on mental health and behavioral sciences. In my opinion, this specific project, is something that I'm really proud of. 

Inquiry: The overall process required some thought. I decided that exploring the roots of depression and panic disorders, both of which I have had plenty of experience with, and create a meaningful analysis. 

Research: This took a little more time then I originally thought. The further I started looking at different articles, or descriptions of the disorders themselves, the more I found out about them, giving me a deeper understanding of just how the mind is affected, and what steps are taken in order to keep those suffering at ease. 

Collaboration: I collaborated closely with my bio-chem teacher, through frequent editing, and reviewing the material. Eventually, the final project itself wouldn't be where it is without his feedback. 

Presentation: This project was shared only with my teacher, considering it was more of an independent study. While writing the paper, I had already gone through a bit of a harder time  emotionally, which made it harder to present to an actual audience. 

Reflection: One thing I would definitely change, is the overall presentation of my findings. The tone of the paper seems as though it was more research based, but it was a combination of both first hand experience, and medical terminology. I still think it could've been a stronger paper, especially if I had a wider audiance. Either way, this shows that even when in a bad mindset, my work can still be strong.