What did/do you want to know? I learned a lot from presenting my SFP and as well from researching. During my presentation I learned that gasoline use to contain lead, which was what I focused on in my SFP. It was very interesting to see that my topic it very popular in society.

How did you gather/organize info? I went on google and changed the settings to make sure that all of my sources were from credible websites. I also used articles, and research papers from different universities. 

How were you a part of a community? During my research I thought it would be a good idea if I could test our community garden for lead. I believe it would benefit SLA because then we could be able to grow a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. 

What was effective about your strategy? I believe the presentation was very effective because I consider myself good at presenting projects and explaining how things work.

What would you do differently? I would definitely make sure that everything is organized and I would also make sure that my confidents is strong, I believe that effected my work because it made me feel like I wasn't doing anything right.