The you and the world project was difficult for me because the topic I picked wasn’t a topic that the great majority felt as strongly about it as I did. My topic was immigration and even though it is a big problem it’s not something that students around my age think about. If I was going to do it differently I would pick a much more popular topic. By having a popular project the project will be easier for me. The research part of the project was easy the part that was hard was the agent of change part. Since people didn’t feel as strongly as I did about the topic people didn’t really care about my agent of change. I feel like if we could work in groups the project would of been easier and fun. I also feel like I could of made my topic more specific by focusing on immigrant children because that is a topic people would be more interested in because of the kids. In conclusion my agent of change project didn’t go as good as I wanted it to because I didn’t pick a good topic. Now that I’ve finished the project if I was going to do it again I would know what to do.