Alexandrea Rivera                                                                                                                                  Green Stream

                                                        "Who Am I Online"

The video that we watched in class was "Who Am I Online" . The activity in class was to search yourself on the internet and see what comes up. The video made me think of social media and the bullying on there. 

I appear happy and silly, I feel some people perceive me as the same way as I do and some others may think negative things about me it all depends on the person that you are. 

The goal of internet trolls are to put people down. Trolls on the internet usually have been put down by others so that leads them to do that to others to make themselves feel good and better. Other times these people just enjoy people hurting themselves or feeling upset. 

The negative result of online anonymity is you sometimes cant tell who is bullying you. The positive result of online anonymity is that if you're sticking up for someone without being a bullying yourself the bully or troll doesn't know who you are so they cant bully you on a personal level.