Reflection - Nick Ryan

  1. Google Yourself.

  1. I did not find anything that is under my name.

  2. I found a lot of people with the same name as me. They were the following: author, doctor, someone who works at the economics department at Yale, and someone who works at the economics department at MIT.

  3. I did not find myself.

  4. The fact that I did not find myself matters because then, if I wanted to get a job and my employer searches me on Google, then he/she will find all of these false things about me. They could either ruin or enhance my chances of getting that job.

2.  My partner is Ashley De la cruz. After searching her name on google, I could not find her but I found someone else. My five word impression of this person are brave, self-absorbed, hard-working, depressed, and transgender.

3. My partner’s five word impression of someone under my name: wannabe, self-absorbed, rich, confident, and cocky.


1. In class today, we watched a video about a boy named Jack on The video is about Jack. He goes to school and he is bullied at the bus stop, then at the lockers, then in class, and finally, on the internet. In the video, you get a choice to make Jack's day better.
2. This video makes me feel bad about the people who get bullied. Personally, I have never had any serious issues about bullying because I don't take any insults or anything seriously. I feel that people who do get bullied shouldn't have to suffer because of someone else's insecurities. Everyone should lead a positive lifestyle and be friends with everyone around them.
3. I haven't found anything about myself online but there were other people with my name. They all appeared to be really smart people because they worked at MIT, Yale University, worked as an author, and a doctor.
4. If someone who didn't know what I looked like or how old I am looked me up on Google, they would perceive me as a really well educated person.
5. An internet troll's purpose is to lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.
6. The positive effects of online anonymity are that people can freely express themselves and their opinions without being restricted by the views of the person's family, friends, and peers. The negative effects of online anonymity are that people who are anonymous can bully others without being found out.
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