Reflection on ELL Bullying

​As you may know already from reading my Blog Posts #1, #2, #3, the topic for my You and the World project was ELL Bullying. For the research part of my project I introduced my topic, wrote about my connection with it and what the issue was. Something that really intrigued me was the statistics. There weren't a lot of number showing the bullying that happened in schools. It would've helped me a lot if I had some statistics in my research. 

For my original research I went over to my old school where I interviewed one of my old teachers. The interview was very interesting and we talked a lot about ELL Bullying experiences and the issues that are involved. We also talked about how to prevent/reduce this problem. Something that went great during my interview were the questions that were asked and the great responses that I received. It could've been better if I asked more questions, that way I could have more things to write about.

Finally, for my Agent of Change part, went back to my old school to give a presentation on ELL Bullying. After arranging a meeting, I prepared a 45-minute long presentation, which I am really proud of. The presentation was really great and everything was perfect. I had a couple activities planned and they worked out really well. About 35 people participated and the students were glad that I presented in front of them. One of the teachers said that some of the students look up to me because I was an ELL and I didn't let bullying stop me from achieving my goals. So, I think I definitely had the impact I hoped for. My Agent of Change could've been better if I presented to more people at SLA, not just D.N. Fell.