Reflection on Media Fluency

All About Monie Reflection
I've learned several things from this media fluency unit. First is how every decision you make is important when it comes to making something appealing to the eye and how to portray the message you want it to express. Every decision needs to have a reason of why you decide to do it. I also learned some new vocabulary words for elements of art such as value, hue, and intensity which are all properties of color. Lastly, I learned about the rule of thirds and empty space. The rule of thirds are useful for organizing elements on your slide which sometimes uses empty space in order to achieve a certain look. 
I made several changes to my slide for the following reasons. One change was the color of the background. The intensity of the pink hue was too high so not much of the pink was showing so I made it a deeper pink. Next change was the font sizes. Before I had a gradation but it wasn't a good balance gradation that was center so I just made all the letters the same size. This made the slide look more balanced and have an even amount of empty space. 
Research is the base of your knowledge when it comes to beginning a project you know little of. It's important because you need to learn what is right and wrong before doing anything. If you don't do research, then you could just be doing everything incorrectly which reflects on your effort and how much you have learned. Research teaches you how to look for answers when it isn't given to you. You could also find ways to exceed expectations. This is why research is important when beginning a project.