Reflection on School Funding Project

I think interviewing Mr. Lehmann was awesome, because I was working to help my cause, (school funding) and at the same time work in my own school, which I think is cool because I can see the change from inside out.  Also, I am glad all of my work got to be internal to the school because it gives me a deeper sense of pride, knowing that I am directly affecting the people around me.  However I hope it can affect the whole school district, and if I continue with this cause throughout my high school career or even further, possibly, I change the way schools are funded completely.  I also am glad that I am now well informed on this topic.  It is a relatable topic amongst all my peers, and I should have understood the problem better, becuase up until now did not know why there was a problem at all.  However, I am able to explain our school funding fairly well now.  

Something I am not happy with is that the organization I tried to work with responded at first, but when I tried to solidify a time to work with them, they were silent.  Also, getting posters printed and put on the walls have been a struggle, and I am just resolving that now.  I wish I had found out more about the politics of how the schools are funded, and what measures can be taken to change the system.  If I had known who to go to or an organization that dealt with that, that would have been nice.

I think my original research went great.  All my interview questions were answered and provided much of the information I wanted to know.  The only thing I can think of for it to have been better, would be to interview more people for a variety of answers and more information.  Putting up posters is something I like to do and hopefully will have some impact, but if I were in a different, more powerful position, I would have liked to make a bigger impact.