Reflective "cover letter"

I feel like my portfolio as a ninth grade English student really shows how much I’ve changed and grown throughout this year. When someone looks at my portfolio, I want them to see an honest, young, girl who changed and grew for the better throughout her year at Science Leadership Academy. I want it to be clear that I care about my work, and I would hope that my thoughts and honesty come through in this portfolio.

            My strengths in English are my vocabulary for one. I love to read, and I have always read at higher reading levels than normal for my age. I have acquired a great vocabulary and this always comes in handy in My English classes. Another thing about me is that I am very descriptive and honest in my writing, and I want to do something with journalism when I get older so I think that writing in general is a skill I have.

            This portfolio was hard for me to make because I was out of school for most of the first and second quarter this school year with mono. The only problems I encountered were having to rewrite large parts of my papers that I’d been able to shorten before, and editing a lot of half written journal entries.

             I think the work that I am most proud of is the work that I did towards the end of this year because that is the work I tried the hardest on. My book reflection on “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” is one of those pieces, and I loved that book as well.